I am very interested in the subject of Finance.  The web address for Finance is fairly simple.  It can be found at info.library.okstate.edu/finance .  The librarian dedicated to helping students looking for research articles on Finance is Victor Baeza.  You can email him or schedule an appointment to meet with him directly from the website.  He is also in charge of Library Information and the Social Sciences.  The home page for the Finance site is very simple.  It has a little welcome paragraph and a black and white picture of the construction of the U.S. Treasury Building in 1858.

The site has multiple links to company and industry information, journal and newspaper articles related to Finance, and many sources for information on financial ratios.  There are many popular databases  and websites used to find information on this subject.  These databases and websites include ABI/Inform, Business Source Premier, Factiva, and Regional Business News. 

On the Business Source Premier there are over 800,000 articles on Finance.  There are three separate search boxes that a student can type keywords into in order to narrow the number of articles.  The website is very easy to use, and it is also very helpful.  The library website for finance also lists multiple print sources.  One of those in an Almanac of Business and Industrial Financial Ratios.

The OSU library has great resources for students looking to research Finance.  This website has links that would be very helpful when writing a research paper for a Finance or other business classes.  I will remember this website when writing papers in the future.


One thought on “BP2

  1. Hi Bailey! I’m an International Business major, so I will be using some of the sites you mentioned on here for my marketing research as well. Good luck this year and if you have any tips on how to pass Finance, let me know!


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