BP 7

By researching the benefits of knowing a second language in the business world, I hope to discover the mental, financial, and social benefits of being bilingual.  Along with the benefits, I also plan to find disadvantages of bilingualism so I can weigh the benefits of it.  With this research paper, I hope to influence others… Continue reading BP 7


In the blog post, Why You Should Learn Another Language by Lisa Chau, Chau states many examples of why knowing a second language helps people succeed in a career in the business world.  This blog was posted online in the Economic Intelligence section of U.S. News & World Report.  At the beginning of the blog… Continue reading BP6


Along with my decision to major in Finance, I am also minoring in Spanish.  Spanish has always been very interesting to me, so I would like to research both spanish and business topics.  Spanish is becoming a more and more common second language for Americans as the years go on.  As more immigrants enter the… Continue reading BP5

BP4: Implementing a Social Media Practicum into College Courses

In the article “A Social Media Practicum: An Action-Learning Approach To Social Media Marketing and Analytics,” Catherine T. Atwong explains how to better understand the analyzation and use of social media marketing campaigns by explaining the curriculum, procedures, and results of a class on social-media marketing.  This article was published in the Marketing Education Review,… Continue reading BP4: Implementing a Social Media Practicum into College Courses


This purpose of this presentation is to inform others how to properly read and analyze any multimedia text.  I used the blog post How to Make Sure You Follow Through on Your Goals: 2016 Edition that can be found at http://www.smartpassiveincome.com/follow-through-on-your-goals-2016-edition/ .  In the presentation I have given details step by step instructions on how to analyze… Continue reading BP3