Along with my decision to major in Finance, I am also minoring in Spanish.  Spanish has always been very interesting to me, so I would like to research both spanish and business topics.  Spanish is becoming a more and more common second language for Americans as the years go on.  As more immigrants enter the country, Spanish is becoming more common in the daily lives of many people in southern and western states.  I am very determined to finish my Spanish minor for my own benefit, and just because I enjoy learning more about the language.  If possible, I would like to find a career where I can practice my Spanish daily.  International companies are always looking for employees that can work with their counterparts in other countries without a language barrier.  Even though people in many other countries learn English, companies still want to hire people that speak the language of people in the countries they work with.  Some researchers say that it is beneficial for a person to learn a second language, but others argue that it is a waste of time and money if said person only works and lives in the United States.  I have experienced the same thoughts from professors and other adults in my life.  Some people think that it is very important to learn a second or third language.  Other people have told me that learning another language is not necessary, and that I should focus on more important things while in college. 

 different-languages-english-spanish-french-chinese.jpgKnowing another language other than one’s native language may be useful in more than just one’s career.  Learning another language requires you to think and expand your thinking and knowledge.  This could be beneficial in many ways.  I want to research if it is beneficial or not for students to learn a second or third language.  I would also like to research if it is beneficial to know two or more languages before going into the work force.  More specifically, I would like to target my research towards Spanish as a second language in careers relating to the business world.

The following link is a YouTube video covering Spanish vocabulary relating to business affairs.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yS1v4h2B7KY

I am also including a link (http://berkleycenter.georgetown.edu/letters/is-a-degree-in-spanish-useless) to an article written by a student at Georgetown University where she discusses if a Spanish degree is useful or not.

Picture source: http://www.ohiomsc.org/overcoming-language-barrier-doing-business-in-china/


One thought on “BP5

  1. I agree whole-heartedly! Knowing another language not only sets you apart from other applicants when searching for jobs, but you also have such a wider vision of other cultures. I think when you learn a different language, you kind of open the door to curiosity with regards to the world. I love that! I love embracing other cultures and learning something taking in other perspectives. You should consider studying abroad in a Spanish-speaking country! I think you’d love it! Good job Bailey!


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