In the blog post, Why You Should Learn Another Language by Lisa Chau, Chau states many examples of why knowing a second language helps people succeed in a career in the business world.  This blog was posted online in the Economic Intelligence section of U.S. News & World Report.  At the beginning of the blog post, she advises readers to learn and know at least two languages in order to be competitive in the job market.  Chau claims that being multilingual is very crucial to building long lasting relationships and becoming successful financially.   She states in her blog post that “those entering the workforce in 2014 with second language fluency [could] expect an additional 10 to 15 percent pay increase.” 

6a00d8345175a969e2015391ae8cbf970b-pi.jpgIn another example, she present the reader with a story about the CEO of BRIC Language Systems, Ryan McMunn.  McMunn is bilingual, and he has had business success with this skill.  While working in China, McMunn was able to grow personal relationships with business parters and the leaders of other companies by knowing their native language.  Chau supports McMunn’s success by providing another example.  In an interview with a manger of Atlas Real Estate Partners, the manager tells Chau that when hiring new employees, he searches for people with multilingual skills.  This manager also agrees that knowing multiple languages is beneficial as businesses expanded foreignly.

Throughout the article, Chau gives valid examples and stories why students should learn another language before starting a career in order to be more successful in business.  All of her points are positive.  I agree that knowing another language is beneficial when searching for new jobs.  It looks good to future employers when the people they are interviewing are bilingual, or even multilingual.  Chau focuses on many benefits of knowing another language and indirectly persuades her readers to learn a second language in order to be more successful.

Link to Why You Should Learn Another Language:  http://www.usnews.com/opinion/blogs/economic-intelligence/2014/01/29/the-business-benefits-of-learning-a-foreign-language


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  1. Great job with this summary! I really feel like I gained all the points the author was making after reading this and I also think you did a great job integrating some of the authors claims and quotes! This was a really effective summary!


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