The first source I found that argues why learning a second language beneficial is written by Barbara Buchholz.  In her article, “Bilingual Benefits”, Buchholz shares a story about a family that immigrated to the United States from Mexico.  Although Buchholz discusses learning English as a second language instead of Spanish or Chinese like most other… Continue reading BP11


In order to visualize my research paper, I created an infographic on piktochart.com.  The type of infographic I chose to create is called a visualized article.  The subject of my infographic is the benefits of bilingualism in the work place.  When thinking about how I wanted to design my infographic, I thought about colors, shapes,… Continue reading BP10


After researching more about my topic and looking at the sources I found for my annotated bibliography, I think a visualized article will work best to visually display my research topic.  I found facts from sources I had found previously, and I found facts from a couple reliable websites such as forbes.com and business.com. According… Continue reading BP9