Before reading about the different types of infographics at http://piktochart.com/blog/8-types-of-infographics-which-right-for-you/ , I did not know very much about what an infographic is or how many different varieties of infographics that there are.  After reading the descriptions and looking at examples of the eight different infographics displayed on this website, I decided that a visualized article or a versus infographic would probably work best to visualize my research question: How does the ability to speak a second language benefit a business major entering the work force?  Both of these infographics have different benefits, and I think they would both be very helpful when visualizing my research.


example of a visualized article (http://www.briansolis.com/2013/09/social-business-strategy-dna-inforgraphics-bonus-mindmap)

According to the Piktochart article, “a visualized article takes an otherwise lengthy piece of writing and makes it visual.”  I think this would be a good choice of infographic for my research topic, because I do not have a lot of statistics or a orderly timeline of events that I could display.  It the visualized article, I could display statistics such as the difference in salaries between bilinguals and monolinguals, facts about major benefits of knowing another language, and the number of business professionals that speak multiple languages in the United States or other countries. 


example of a versus infographic (http://www.pardot.com/blog/marketing-artists-marketing-scientists-infographic/)


The other infographic that might work well for my topic is a versus infographic.  This infographic compares two or more different ideas and summarizes a long essay full of comparisons.  With this, I could compare monolinguals and people who know two or more languages.  There are differences between the two groups salaries, hiring rate, average age, cognitive abilities, and several other things.  As I further research the information I would need to put in the different infographics, I will be able to decide which option will best fit my research paper.


One thought on “BP8

  1. Great examples of infographics that you could incorporate in your research paper! I agree that a visualized article and or versus infographic would be the most beneficial in your research. I also believe that these two can most easily and effectively show your research and allow for the greatest understanding of the topic for the reader. Great job!


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