After researching more about my topic and looking at the sources I found for my annotated bibliography, I think a visualized article will work best to visually display my research topic.  I found facts from sources I had found previously, and I found facts from a couple reliable websites such as forbes.com and business.com.

According to Lisa Chau in her article in US News, in 2014, bilinguals entering the workforce could expect an additional 10 to 15 percent pay increase.  She also implies that an important benefit of bilingualism is the creation of opportunities to develop relationships with executives in foreign countries and conduct business in ways that would not be possible without knowing the language of these foreign countries.

In the Forbes article “Do Multilingual Individuals Earn More Money?”, the author explains that one benefit of bilingualism is resistance to dementia and other symptoms of the Alzheimer’s disease.  The higher a person’s level of bilingualism, the more resistant they are to these diseases.  With that fact, a bilingual person should be able to work later into their life than a monolingual, so they would make more money over the span of their life time.  The YouTube video “Does Being Bilingual Make You Smarter?” also states these facts, and the description of the video contains several links to other articles that could be very helpful if I need to further research my topic.

In the article I found on business.com, the author discusses salary benefits as well as statistics about executives and bilingualism.  The author states that bilingual employees can expect 5 to 20 percent more pay than a monolingual in the same position, and that bilinguals make on average $10,000 a year more.  The author also sites a poll that resulted in 31 percent of business executives speak two languages.

All of these facts and statistics are reliable and relevant to my research question, because they help me prove why it is beneficial to learn another language.  With numerical statistics, it is easier to see and believe the benefits of bilingualism.  Some of these facts also explain benefits of working with foreign countries, and I believe that the evolvement with foreign companies is continually increasing. 


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  1. I think you have some really great information to create an informative infographic. The statistics you have are good and will give the reader a lot of knowledge about your research topic. Great job!


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