In order to visualize my research paper, I created an infographic on piktochart.com.  The type of infographic I chose to create is called a visualized article.  The subject of my infographic is the benefits of bilingualism in the work place.  When thinking about how I wanted to design my infographic, I thought about colors, shapes, and pictures.  I decided to use simple colors, organized sections with all of the information i included, and two pictures.  I chose the color red as my main color, because it is a very powerful and energizing color.  The color red promotes determination and motivates people to take action.  By using red, I hoped to draw readers in and influence them to take the time read the benefits of bilingualism.  After reading the infographic, I hope they are influenced to either learn another language themselves, or encourage others to learn one.

In two dashed boxes on the top right and bottom left of my infographic, I included the salary and cognitive benefits of knowing more than one language in the business world.  I separated these two categories into visually different sections and gave each section the appropriate title.  In the “salary benefits” section, I researched average salaries for an accountant that only speaks English and for an accountant that is bilingual.  I made the numbers for the bilingual salary larger than the monolingual salary to make the difference in the salaries stand out more.  Underneath the salaries, I added two bullet points with numerical facts about the monetary benefits of knowing more than one language.  In the “cognitive benefits” section, I included many reasons why knowing multiple languages is good for the brain.  I included information related to the brain’s executive function and how bilingualism can create resistance to diseases such as Alzheimer’s disease and dementia.

After creating these sections, I still had many interesting facts that I wanted to present to my readers.  These facts, however, did not fit into either of the above mentioned categories. So, I decided to place each remaining fact in a little box type thing in various spaces on my infographic.  In order to make my infographic more interesting and catch viewer’s attention, I decided to surround these benefits by hexagons instead of a plain square.  Two of my facts contained percentages and related to interviewing and promotion in a business career, so I grouped these together.  I made the percentages a significantly larger font size than the words underneath them so they would stand out to the viewers.  I also made them slightly different in color to help them pop.  The other two benefits that I wanted to include related to building relationships with clients or foreign businesses and executives, so I decided to place these hexagons next to each other on the other side of my infographic.

In the corners of the infographic I included pictures to make the presentation appear less wordy.  The first picture that I chose shows an interviewer looking to hire a bilingual speaker.  I placed this by the salary benefits of bilingualism and the percentage hexagons.  The second picture is a profile of a head with a brightly colored brain.  This image makes the brain look like it is working very hard, and I placed it next to the cognitive benefits of knowing multiple languages.

With my infographic, I hope to influence viewers to learn another language or strengthen their language skills if they already know two or more languages.  By using an organized structure with bolded headers and unique shapes, I have created a visually interesting infographic.  These factors should draw viewers’ eyes to my infographic.  I listed many different benefits of bilingualism and used reliable numerical statistics when needed.  I believe that I successfully presented to viewers why it is very beneficial to know two or more languages in the workplace.

Bilingualism in the Workplace.jpeghttps://magic.piktochart.com/output/12420327-bilingualism-in-the-workplace




One thought on “BP10

  1. This is a very interesting infographic. As soon as I looked at it, I was fascinated by it and the visually appealing aspect of the whole thing. Nice job presenting all of your information in a very clear and concise, but still interesting way.


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