The first source I found that argues why learning a second language beneficial is written by Barbara Buchholz.  In her article, “Bilingual Benefits”, Buchholz shares a story about a family that immigrated to the United States from Mexico.  Although Buchholz discusses learning English as a second language instead of Spanish or Chinese like most other articles relating to bilingualism, she still makes very relatable arguments.  I agree that no matter what language one is learning as their second or third language, any form of bilingualism is very beneficial.

The next source I found was published in U.S. News and is written by Lisa Chau.  Her article is titled “Why You Should Learn Another Language”, discusses how multilingual business professionals have the upper hand when advancing in a business career.  Chau interviews bilingual professionals in order to prove her point.  Her argument may be slightly biased, because  she only focuses her article on bilinguals rather than including responses from monolingual professionals.  However, Chau provides sound and trustworthy reasons why professionals should strive to be monolingual.

The last source I found is titled “Cognitive Advantages And Disadvantages In Early And Late Bilinguals”.  It was published in the Journal of Experimental Psychology and was written by Sabra Pelham and Lise Abrams.  This article is very informative because they discuss both the benefits and disadvantages to learning a second language.  The authors can be trusted because they provide information from other studies related to the pros and cons of bilingualism.  I agree with all of the benefits related to bilingualism, however I am very mixed on the disadvantages of bilingualism.  They make some valid points, but I do not think these disadvantages outweigh the many benefits of knowing multiple languages.


One thought on “BP11

  1. I like these articles that you have and the arguments that they make. I have been trying (mostly unsuccessfully) for a few months to learn some Spanish because it really is something that can help in your professional life as the world becomes more globalized.


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