There are many benefits to knowing a second language in the business world.  Bilingualism creates cognitive benefits, more job opportunities, the opportunity to expand one’s client base, and larger salaries.  By learning another language, people can strengthen their brain in a couple different ways.  Learning another language increases the grey matter in the brain.  Bilingualism also helps people strengthen their multitasking skills.  When someone knows multiple languages, they usually have to think before they speak.  While this seems like such a small benefit, thinking before one speaks can be very beneficial when speaking to executives or superiors.  Knowing more than one language also increases the job opportunities available.  When someone goes into an interview, interviewers are typically impressed when the interviewee knows more than one language.  Bilingualism also expands the number of jobs available.  When one knows more than one language, he or she can take a job in either his or her native language or in their second language.  Another benefit of bilingualism is that when people know more than one language, they are able to communicate with more people.  This can help people get promoted to executive positions, especially in companies that communicate with people internationally.  If a company is international, the ability to communicate with customers in multiple languages can really benefit someone when they are applying for a new job or a promotion within the company.  There are also significant salary benefits from being bilingual.  Employees who speak more than one language often receive a larger salary than their counterparts who only speak one language.  Executives who are bilingual also receive significant salary benefits for knowing multiple languages.  So, even though it takes time to learn   another language, the benefits that come with bilingualism are worth it.


One thought on “BP12

  1. Being bilingual does help you earn a larger salary at whatever job you at because you are able to handle any situation with the people of your first language and the other people of how ever many languages you can speak, mangers of businesses really admire a person that are able to communicate with people outside their race and ethnic background so I think is a great topic for you to talk about.


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