Since my research topic relates to anyone who works in or studies business, monolinguals, and those who know two or more languages, I think that the people who fall into these categories will be most interested in my research paper.  My research topic has to do with the benefits of knowing multiple languages in the business world, so throughout my paper I will be attempting to persuade people who only know one language to go out of their comfort zone and invest in learning another language.  I will also explain the business benefits related to knowing multiple languages to bilingualthose who already know two or more languages, so that they will realize how beneficial it really is to be polylingual.  Monolinguals and people who are considering learning another language but can not decide if they want to invest the time and money it takes to learn that language are most likely the people who will be most invested in my argument towards bilingualism.  My research paper will be a very helpful layout of all of the benefits of bilingualism.  This paper might be the final reassurance that a person may need in order to take the first steps to learning another language.  I can appeal to those interested by providing not only the numerous benefits of knowing a second language, but also by providing some disadvantages of bilingualism and polylingualism.  By providing the opposing view in my paper, it will make the advantages of learning another language seem even more significant.  The advantages significantly outweigh the disadvantages of learning another language, and I think that readers will appreciate that both views are included in my paper.  In order to get the interested parties interested in my paper, I could introduce my research topic by providing facts or a personal story about how knowing two or more languages has affected people in the real world.  I could word my story so that it impacts every person rather than targeting the intro towards a specific type of person.

picture source: http://thinking.umwblogs.org/2016/02/27/is-it-better-to-grow-up-bilingual/



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