Bilingualism: The Business Benefits As a child, I took foreign languages courses at school until the fourth grade.  At the school I attended, Spanish was only taught to the students in kindergarten through the third grade.  When Spanish was finally offered again in the eighth grade, I decided to take the class.  I continued to… Continue reading BP14


Since my research topic relates to anyone who works in or studies business, monolinguals, and those who know two or more languages, I think that the people who fall into these categories will be most interested in my research paper.  My research topic has to do with the benefits of knowing multiple languages in the… Continue reading BP13


There are many benefits to knowing a second language in the business world.  Bilingualism creates cognitive benefits, more job opportunities, the opportunity to expand one’s client base, and larger salaries.  By learning another language, people can strengthen their brain in a couple different ways.  Learning another language increases the grey matter in the brain.  Bilingualism… Continue reading BP12


The first source I found that argues why learning a second language beneficial is written by Barbara Buchholz.  In her article, “Bilingual Benefits”, Buchholz shares a story about a family that immigrated to the United States from Mexico.  Although Buchholz discusses learning English as a second language instead of Spanish or Chinese like most other… Continue reading BP11


In order to visualize my research paper, I created an infographic on piktochart.com.  The type of infographic I chose to create is called a visualized article.  The subject of my infographic is the benefits of bilingualism in the work place.  When thinking about how I wanted to design my infographic, I thought about colors, shapes,… Continue reading BP10


After researching more about my topic and looking at the sources I found for my annotated bibliography, I think a visualized article will work best to visually display my research topic.  I found facts from sources I had found previously, and I found facts from a couple reliable websites such as forbes.com and business.com. According… Continue reading BP9